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  • Insulation Material
  • Ceramic Tiles Manufacture
  • Sanitaryware Manufacture
  • Table Ware and Kitchenware Manufacture
  • Insulation for Furnaces
  • Specialized Refractory Manufactur

Anmol Ceramics beleives that the body composition is a key success factor to obtain high quality products that will be able to face the most challenging operating conditions. For these reasons, we have developed a wide range of compositions, to meet the customer's requirements for any specific application. These compositions have been optimized thanks to:

> A very strict selection of our raw materials to ensure a very high performance stability of our bodies.

> More than 10 years of technical collaborations with our customers on a wide range of applications and operating conditions.
To ensure that these compositions will always offer the optimum performance, all important process parameters are constantly monitored and the finished products have to pass extensive control procedures under application of the highest quality standards with perfect traceability and reproducibility.
Whatever your needs are, you will certainly find the composition which meets your requirements in our portfolio.

Refractory Insulating Bricks
Fire Bricks
Tunnel Kiln Furniture
Insulation Bricks
Refractory Sagger
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