Welcome to the web site of Anmol Ceramics. The company specializes in manufacture and supply of High Quality kiln furniture and ceramic insulation bricks. The founders of the company have been in the business since years and supply to the ceramics product manufacturers in Thangadh and Morbi. They are based at Thangadh and are recognized for the production of Quality Kiln Furniture.

This site provides you with the online catalogue of kiln furniture. Being a leading manufacturer of Kiln furniture the company has put up the site for its prospective buyers to place orders and choose products.


Refractory Insulating Bricks
Fire Bricks
Tunnel Kiln Furniture
Insulation Bricks
Refractory Sagger
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G: Plain Plate
G: European Plate
G- Footrest Plates
I- Roller Bricks
C-Pillar Bricks
C-Support Bricks
F-Two Hole Bricks
F- Four Hole Bricks
H-One Hole Bricks
H-Holo Pipes
A-Weshman type Burner Blocks
K- Data Vala Three Layer Corner
D-  Sagger
E-Sagger Patli
A- Round Sagger
F-Sencil Khariya
I-Jari Bandi
L- Setariya
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